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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to upgrade your windows or doors. Now it’s time to drill down to the details. Navigating through the various materials, colours and designs available can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are exploring this process for the first time. We want to make these decisions as easy as possible for you, which is why we have combined all of our extensive expertise into this handy buyer’s guide.

Choosing the
right materials

Depending on the style of your home, you may wish to decide between the following materials for your new windows.

uPVC Windows – High quality, durable uPVC windows are by the far the most popular choice for modern homes. Offering the ideal combination of design appeal, security and performance, you can rest assured that your new windows will provide you with many years of comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Timber – If you are looking for a more traditional look, timber is an excellent choice, but it can be costly. You also need to consider the need for ongoing maintenance and woodcare to keep your timber looking at its best.

Aluminium – If you are looking for maximum lighting, aluminium windows provide thinner frames, allowing for larger glass panels. They are also extremely durable and require little maintenance.

Casement Windows – These tend to combine several different materials, such as timber and aluminum to give great aesthetic appeal alongside strength, security and durability.

Selecting your glass

You may think that choosing your glass is the easy part, but there are in fact a wide range of options available!


Single – this is often required in traditional homes where planning or conversation regulations must be adhered to. There can be significant heat loss with this option, so it is sensible to consider secondary insulation alongside this for greater efficiency.

Double – this is the most popular choice and is the standard specification for new windows. We pride ourselves on delivering A+ rated double glazing, ensuring that your home remains warm, comfortable and safe.

Triple – this option is ideal for reducing the effect of outside noise and certainly retains the heat more effectively than double glazing. If your home is situated near busy roads, train lines or perhaps is in the centre of town, triple glazing could help to significantly reduce outside noise, helping you to relax in a peace!

Secondary – When single glazing is required, secondary glazing can help to tackle noise and heat loss, whilst adding additional security.


Low Iron – Panes are clearer which helps to bring in more light to the room

Security – Opt for thicker, toughened or laminated glass for greater security. It is also a requirement for low-set windows.

Noise-Reducing – helps to reduce the presence of external noise.

Coloured – providing the ultimate in personalisation and style without the complexity of stain glass window leading.

Privacy – A range of designs and patterns are available to help create additional privacy for bathrooms and other areas of the home.


Although the most common choice for homes is casement windows, there are several options depending on style and practical considerations.

Casement windows – safe and secure windows which turn outwards

Sash windows – this option simply slides up and down

Tilting/turning windows – these windows open inwards or flip around, making cleaning much easier

Fixed windows – non-opening for aesthetic purposes only

Custom-made – For the ultimate in personalisation, design your own shape, size and style windows that perfectly complement your home.

All supplied with our
Lifetime* Guarantee!

Remember, all of our windows and doors come with a Lifetime* Guarantee as standard, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new home!

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